American Home Shield Texas

Finding home warranties in Texas is now easy with American Home Shield. If you’re in the Lone Star State, specifically Houston, a home warranty can help you avoid expensive home appliance or system repairs in the event they break down. American Home Shield Texas will cover the repair or replacement of covered components of your home in the event of a failure.

American Home Shield Texas allows you to build a plan that covers your home. Whether you’re seeking a protection plan for your appliances (like your refrigerator, oven or dishwasher), your systems (air conditioning, furnace, and water heaters), or both, AHS Texas has you covered. Even if you don’t think your equipment falls under American Home Shield Texas’ coverage, call 1-855-220-5229 to find out. AHS Texas even covers items like pools, spas, water softeners, well pumps, septic pumps and other devices for a small additional fee.

American Home Shield Texas provides you with a home protection plan that covers you when you need it most. This helps you to avoid a large strain on your wallet as wells and provide you with peace of mind that you will always have a certified service technician that knows how to fix your problem. In the event your appliance or system cannot be repaired, AHS Texas will cover the replacement cost of your covered item. All you pay is the regular service fee to AHS Texas and they take care of the rest.

When it comes to your home protection plan, American Home Shield Texas is committed to providing a great customer service experience. AHS has a network of service contractors in Texas who have been approved by American Home Shield through a lengthy process to ensure that every technician can get the job done right.

How Does American Home Shield Texas Work?

When you have a home warranty designed for Texas, you can sleep easily at night knowing that AHS has your back. AHS tries to make the process as simple as possible so that you can get your appliance or system repair with as little down time as possible.

In order to request a service appointment, you can fill out a form online or contact AHS Texas by phone. Soon after, a licensed contractor will contact you during normal business hours to schedule an appointment that is convenient for your schedule. When the contract arrives for the scheduled appointment, you pay the trade service fee and the contractor proceeds with the diagnosis. After the problem is determined, the contractor will call American Home Shield to ensure the issue is covered by your home protection plan. If the item is within your plan, the contractor will repair or replace the covered item. Finally, to ensure the job was done to your satisfaction, American Home Shield Texas will follow up to ensure the problem was solved.

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