Home Warranties For Sellers

Are you thinking of selling your home? It can be a stressful time for any homeowner. Besides selecting a listing agent, setting a price, and making the home presentable, you also need to ensure that the home is marketable.

For anyone who has ever dealt with a real estate transaction, the concept of a disclosure statement is probably familiar to you. For those who have not, this is a form that obligates the seller to disclose any issues or history with the property. One of the major things discussed is the condition of the home including your appliances, systems and construction.

A major concern for brokers and sellers in modern times is the risk of lawsuit from not disclosing everything in the form. Even if there may not appear to be an issue now, you can never be sure what is lurking under the skin. This issue is even more prevalent in older homes where the appliances and systems have many years of wear on them.

Adding a home warranty policy to your home for a buyer is a major boost in marketability. Homeowners want to shift as much liability off of them as possible. With a home warranty policy, you can comfortably assert that even if something goes wrong with an appliance or system, the buyer would be safe from shelling out hundreds of dollars in repairs.

You may be skeptical about a home warranty policy because your broker recommended it to you but in actuality, the policy helps you avoid potential issues while making your home more attractive to potential buyers. The fact of the matter is that home warranty polices are a tiny fraction of the price you’re selling your home for but they can pay off in a big way if the buyer encounters a problem. This small investment now can give you the peace of mind that a buyer will not come after you for the HVAC system failing.


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